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Planning your next dining experience, clubbing or shopping adventure? BestPlaces Explorer covers 277 countries and 25970 cities. Our team and travellers around the globe deliver insider tips on the world’s best cities.

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Singapore (1833)Paris (993)London (633)Rome (500)
Beijing (474)Shanghai (415)Bangkok (318)Berlin (297)
Prague (296)Barcelona (293)Madrid (292)Kuala Lumpur (277)
Dubai (270)Istanbul (246)Florence (232)Venice (218)
Milan (196)Amsterdam (195)Phuket (204)Hong Kong (176)
California (3962)Texas (2734)Florida (2637)Georgia (1340)
New York (1272)Virginia (1148)Illinois (1096)North Carolina (1096)
Ohio (1045)Colorado (1002)Pennsylvania (993)Tennessee (915)
Michigan (896)Arizona (814)South Carolina (770)Ontario (751)
Missouri (743)Washington (694)Indiana (677)Wisconsin (655)
United States (36033)France (5362)Italy (4975)Spain (4187)
Germany (3899)United Kingdom (3823)China (2758)Canada (2667)
Singapore (1846)Mexico (1635)Australia (1563)Greece (1213)
Switzerland (999)Thailand (920)Portugal (893)Turkey (863)
India (814)Indonesia (757)Austria (735)South Africa (728)
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Find insider tips and what’s on in Singapore, Singapore : Shopping, Restaurants, Hotel & Accommodation, Travel, After Hours, Places of Interest, Lifestyle & Entertainment, Leisure and much more...
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Updating in progress
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Find insider tips and what’s on in Paris, France : Hotel & Accommodation, Travel, Places of Interest, Shopping, Restaurants, After Hours and much more...
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Find insider tips and what’s on in London, United Kingdom : Hotel & Accommodation, After Hours, Travel, Lifestyle & Entertainment, Leisure, Shopping, Places of Interest and much more...
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Updating in progress
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Find insider tips and what’s on in Rome, Italy : Hotel & Accommodation, Places of Interest, Travel, Shopping and much more...
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Updating in progress
BestPlaces Explorer is your guide to a good time – the most exciting clubs, bars and late night dining places. As for shopping you will find everything from latest fashion, accessories, electronic gadgets or hip hair saloons. Find classy hotels and stylish serviced residences. Explore beyond and enjoy the culture, attractions and entertainment zones in cities.

Indulge with a rejuvenating massage and spa treatment. Enjoy a world class theatre performance or latest cinema shows. BestPlaces Explorer also shows you world class marinas, golf clubs and posh country clubs and let you enjoy glamorous leisure, sports and lifestyle facilities.

Best Places Worldwide
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Hermes, Bangkok, Thailand
Amazing Bags at HERMES
Posted by Traveller on 27-05-2012
HERMES is extremely popular with my wife. Whenever we pass a shop she will try to take a peak of the...  [ More ]

Peking Restaurants, Bangkok, Thailand
Excellent Chinese Food - Value for Money
Posted by Traveller on 15-04-2011
The place is frequented by Chinese living in Bangkok. No surprise.... We had really authentic Chi...  [ More ]

Beach Club, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Party Time and Lots of Hot Girls in Beach Club in Kuala Lumpur
Posted by Traveller on 11-03-2011
Are you on a business trip in Kuala Lumpur and look for a good night out with lots of girls. Go to t...  [ More ]

Aldo, Singapore, Singapore
Love Shoes..
Posted by Queen on 04-03-2011
I love shopping, Specially Love Shoes. I went to Aldo shop in Vivo City on Tuesday, there have pr...  [ More ]

Angel’s Share, Singapore, Singapore
Nice Place to go with your partner!
Posted by Bunny on 04-03-2011
I went to Angel's Share with my Boyfriend last week, Here is really nice place to go with the person...  [ More ]

Annie’s Sauna & Massage, Bangkok, Thailand
Couple Massage at Annie's Sauna - Adult enjoyment you don want to miss
Posted by Traveller on 01-03-2011
My girlfriend and I wanted to try something kinky in Bangkok... So we thought of having a famous bub...  [ More ]

Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Great Shopping Experience at the Pavilion
Posted by Traveller on 23-02-2011
Kuala Lumpur is changing fast. A few years ago you had only a handful of average shopping centres in...  [ More ]

Xintiandi, Shanghai, China
Have Great Fun and Enjoy Shanghai's Night Life
Posted by Traveller on 22-02-2011
Xintiandi in Shanghai is a great Night Spot. You have a large number of Clubs and Restaurants right ...  [ More ]

MRT, Taipei, Taiwan
Sexy Girls without Pants in Taipei's MRT
Posted by Traveller on 22-02-2011
No Pants Subway Ride’ fever hits Taiwan. No pants commuters invaded deeper into Asia last week, a...  [ More ]

Pizzeria Bella Napoli, Bangkok, Thailand
One of the best Italian Restaurants in Sukhumvit
Posted by Traveller on 10-02-2011
The outlet doesn't look that impressive from outside. However, once you are inside, you will not reg...  [ More ]