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From the beaches of Rio, to the city of Singapore, IPANEMA WORLD MUSIC BAR redefines entertainment that is beyond expectations. Fantasy that burns into reality, to fire up your nights and reach the ultimate party frenzy. This sprawling 7,000 square feet club boasts the best in live entertainment and as excellent world music rendition by our resident DJ. Playing to a full capacity crowd nightly, this club stands alone in delivering unsurpassed leisure for your ultimate pleasure. Many swear in accompany that the deliciously sexy crowd in IPANEMA makes the visit way too short even if you spend the whole night there. The choice is yours to party!

Ipanema outlets: 2 worldwide.

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Posted by Traveller
Posted on 06-09-2010 19:07:20

Ipanema - The place for adult entertainment in Singapore
Ipanema is definitely the best bar or club in Orchard Towers. Unfortunately the old "Top 10" is closed now, which was for many years the best place for fun and entertainment.

Anyhow, Ipanema has a great life band. Later at night the place is crowded with young females from Vietnam, Thailand and China. I suggest you go and check out the place if you look for adult entertainment at night.

I will probably return to this place.

Product - 8
Ambience - 7
Value - 7
Service - 7

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Address Orchard Towers
400 Orchard Road #02-43
Singapore 238875
District Orchard
Phone +65 6738 3483
Opening Hours Mon-Thu:7pm–5am
Fri-Sat:7pm–6am, Sun:7pm–4am
Sun TeaDance:1pm–7pm
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