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The Dockers® brand has embraced quality and authentic craftsmanship since its inception. Beginning in November, ‘Made in the States’ will launch in stores across Europe.

The Dockers® brand is committed to redefining contemporary menswear by infusing this premium category with modern and well-crafted styles using the best fabrics available, including Cramerton cloth. Initially developed by the textile firm Galey & Lord, Cramerton celebrates 80 years of origination next year. The Dockers® brand first licensed an exclusive deal using Cramerton in 1986.

Dockers® ‘Made in the States’ reflects the brands ownership of the Khaki category, reinforcing the timelessness of the brand.

“ ’Made in the States’ is a natural progression for us following the success of the Dockers® Limited Edition series launched in 2009,” says Angelo Ng, Brand Director for Dockers® Europe. “Our brand is on a quest to reinvigorate the Khaki category and define a new way of dressing for the modern sophisticated man who seeks out brands that are best in class in what they do, stylish, modern and sophisticated. ‘Made in the States’ speaks to the true Khaki connoisseur.”

The Dockers® brand was established over two decades ago offering the consumer a new way of dressing, stylish and comfortable yet relaxed and informal. The essence of the brand philosophy remains true.

Dockers® ‘Made in the States’ takes its inspiration from the docks and shipyards of Northern California, in particular the waterfront of Oakland and Alameda, when at the turn of the 20th-century, America’s shipbuilding industry was at its prime. The waterfront in Alameda and Oakland provided an ideal location for shipbuilders who, in turn, provided jobs for carpenters, caulkers, sail makers, riggers, rope makers and ship smiths. Khakis provided a natural uniform for men working under severe harsh conditions; resilient and strong it was an everyday uniform designed to last.

Dockers® ‘Made in the States’ includes a pair of K-1 Cramerton cloth Khaki pants with a moraine finish, a simple vintage white Henley t-shirt and a Dove Grey Mélange Woven over-shirt.

Dockers outlets are listed in 3 cities: 9 worldwide.

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