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Carrefour, Singapore's first ever hypermarket, is also most savvy shoppers' first shopping choice for stocking up on groceries. Everything you'd expect is neatly and conveniently displayed, including all the big brands and market leaders you know so well. In addition, expect some brands you could never find anywhere else, with Carrefour's massive buying power and unparalleled ability to source from around world. Just take a glance at any section and you'll soon see that there's so much above and beyond the usual choices. For instance, Carrefour's house brands offer such tempting treasures as Carrefour brand grapefruit and raspberry juice, and Reflets de France glorious apricot nectar. The same scenario plays itself out in every grocery category.... Choices, choices and more choices!

Carrefour's French origins have much to do with its constant stocks of gastronomic indulgences. The Reflets de France house brands delivers a host of regional French gourmet delights, from divine Bouillabaisse soup befitting the finest of French restaurants, to exquisite William Pear jam and Montelimar nougat for the more sweet-toothed. Then there's the deluxe dining delights such as foie gras and caviar. Whether you're seeking cooking ingredients or deluxe ready-to-eat items, Carrefour is the only place in town that serves both needs equally superbly. Explore Carrefour's gourmet secrets and you'll be astonished that dining like royalty comes so very affordably.

Health is our most valuable asset. We at Carrefour believe that eating healthily can and should be a delicious experience, and a vital part of 'Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability', otherwise known as LOHAS. For a healthy eating smorgasbord, do check out our wide array of organic products, including our own BIO house brand. There's also a marvellous array of irresistible, nutritious treats straight from Mother Nature, from fresh juices to fresh sushi.

Making a commitment to wellness means committing to an active lifestyle and paying heed to that old adage of 'prevention is better than cure'. It's an integral part of LOHAS, or 'Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability', which involve the very best practices for both you and our planet Earth. Carrefour stocks everything under the sun for a healthy lifestyle. There's a great range of sporting equipment, a generous line-up of supplements and herbal products, skin-saving sunblocks and smile-saving oral hygiene needs, air purifiers and anti- bacterial cleaning products.

The joys of parenthood go hand-in-hand with the constant concerns about baby's care. Is the little one dry? Well-fed? Comfortable? Carrefour's Baby World has everything to put your hearts at ease when it comes to your little bundle of happiness. The selection of basics such as diapers and milk powder is outstanding, and you'll find the prices pleasing. As for the one-off purchases such as prams and baby cots, you'll be thrilled at the price-tags. Why not stock up on baby needs and take advantage of Carrefour's convenient delivery service?

Little people have a ball when they come to Carrefour! Whatever your kids are into, Carrefour has it, and at the right price. For rugged boys' stuff and girly girls' treats, you can unleash them with just a modest budget at the Carrefour Toys' department and rest assured they'll find something to tickle them pink. Action figurines, fairy-like dolls, the big-name character lines and the educational toys.... so many toys, so many birthdays! Books and movies expressly for kids are also in plentiful supply at Carrefour. At Carrefour, kids have never had it so good!

It's a man's world at Carrefour. We know what the gentlemen want, and we supply it at unbeatable prices! For instance, guys come in and feast your eyes on our great lineup of menswear at extraordinarily good prices. And, we have everything you could possibly need for the smoothest shave as well as the sharpest hairstyle. For stuff that helps you look after your favourite boys' toys, Carrefour has fabulous car accessories and excellent tools and handyman supplies.

We at Carrefour sincerely acknowledge what a wonder is the modern woman! Juggling career and motherhood, staying trim and lovely, making a welcoming home.... it's nothing short of one amazing juggling act. At least in the shopping department, we assure you, ladies, you'll be spared the stress. Our aim is to please in every way, from wonderful makeup selections to great hair styling tools and treatments. Our lingerie department reveals great finds at great prices, from flirty to comfy, and our range of affordable and attractive apparel will have you looking terrific on a shoestring. Come in to Carrefour, ladies, and enjoy your shopping!

Home should be your castle. If you can make home welcoming and comfortable, you'll surely feel like the king or queen of your own domain. Carrefour stocks all your homewares needs, whether it's for kitchen, bedroom, bathroom or living room. Cushions and curtains, pots and pans, vases and photo frames.... you name it, we have it! From the fancy and frilly to the practical and simple, we have it in a wide range of sizes, designs, colours and styles. Come to Carrefour for a treasure-trove of home comforts, at very comforting prices.

Get connected to a convenient, time-efficient way of life with Carrefour's incredible assortment of latest home appliances. Big brand names and lesser-known gems cover every possible need. If you're in the market for a big ticket item such as an air conditioner, washing machine or fridge, you'll truly save a bundle at Carrefour. Or, looking for a small appliance like a coffee maker, vacuum cleaner or iron? Don't go past Carrefour for both variety and savings. The Carrefour appliance section truly has the potential to save you thousands of dollars. Before you make any purchasing decision, first compare prices with Carrefour's!

A cinematic experience in the comfort of your own home is hard to beat. Then again, so is a concert-like musical foray, especially when you don't have to fight the crowds. Ah, the joys of home entertainment are truly out of this world. Also in a league of its own is Carrefour's home entertainment lineup. From DVDs, VCDs and CDs, to hi-tech home theatre systems and audio gizmos, you're spoilt for choice. Then there's the TV options.... nothing short of breathtaking! (That goes for viewing experience as well as price-tags). Home entertainment at Carrefour is truly a thrilling realm of ultra-sensory delights!

IT-savvy people know that Carrefour is the one shopping destination for all their needs. Monitors, laptops, desktops, accessories.... switch on to Carrefour's range and savings and you'll never look back. Printers, fax machines, copiers.... Carrefour has them covered. Don't ever fall into the trap of thinking that Carrefour is only great food and homewares. Carrefour is also an unrivalled IT specialist with experts on hand to advise you about every aspect of IT. Make the switched-on choice of Carrefour for all your IT purchases.

Life's such a fantastic journey! It's even more pleasurable when you're well-packed and decked out in style. Carrefour has built a name for itself on being THE place to shop for all your luggage needs, with big brand names at truly astonishing prices. Many great offers are exclusive to Carrefour, and the unbeatable lineup includes lots of economical 3-in-1 sets and free extras. The Carrefour range of travel accessories is also excellent, with all those curious little needs taken care of, such as sleeping masks, inflatable neck rolls, travel document holders and other sundries. Before you take that next trip, do be sure to make a trip to Carrefour!

Dogs and cats, hamsters and guinea pigs, tropical fish and chirpy little birds... Whatever your beloved pet, we have everything in store for our furred, feathered and scaled friends. Pet food, grooming supplies, hygiene needs, playthings and training aids are all waiting for you at Carrefour, at extraordinary prices. Be sure to stock up at once and take advantage of our convenient delivery service.

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Frequency: 30 mins
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Carrefour outlets: 2 in Singapore and 4 worldwide.

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