Beer Bars in Singapore

By David Walker
Posted at 25/06/2014

Bar trends come and go, but old-fashioned beer is on the up. There are many great pubs in Singapore that offer a homely atmosphere and serve a great pint – here's our pick of them.

  1. Brauhaus Restaurant & Pub
    Brauhaus Restaurant & Pub has occupied the top spot for being the premier German restaurant and bierkeller. Away from the maddening crowd but still within the city limits. Casual yet cosy, one could easily mistake the wooden furniture, dark oak beams for a typical bierkeller somewhere in Munich.

    Wide selection of beers from Germany, Belgium, Australia, India, Japan, Jamaica, Brazil, Canada, Argentina, Morocco, Namibia, France, South Africa, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Turkey, Thailand, UK, USA and more! With a current list of over 180 different varieties from all over the world, we believes Brauhaus has the best stocked beer bar in Asia.
  2. Jibiru Japanese Craft Beer Bar
    JiBiru Craft Beer Bar brings Japan’s exciting artisanal beer experience to the heart of Singapore’s Orchard Road. Serving a wide range of hand crafted brews including unique and hard to find brands, JiBiru, meaning “local beer” in Japanese, is a truly unique yet authentic modern Japanese drinking experience. Maintaining the authentic flavours of Japan.

    Many of the beers have won awards around the world, so for a truly interesting and flavourful beer drinking experience.
  3. Beer Market
    Inspired by the dynamics of the stock exchange, Beer Market is the perfect blend of food, music and sports whereby drinks prices move according to demand, creating an exciting atmosphere and interactive experience. Get ready for market crashes and bull runs.
  4. Fern & Kiwi
    Back in 1988 on a wing and a prayer and with bucket loads of passion, we opened up our first cafe in Christchurch, New Zealand. It was our intention to serve the best New Zealand foods in a fun, relaxed environment, a novel concept back then. Fern & Kiwi offers you the best of New Zealand food, wines, beers, music and live entertainment, all served in a friendly, fun atmosphere, typical of the legendary Lone Stars.

    Conveniently located right next to the Clarke Quay taxi stand, we're here to prove that New Zealand is not as far away as you think.
  5. Old Empire Gastrobar
    Old Empire Gastrobar is another spot that has earned recognition for its curated beer list. A welcoming atmosphere marks this watering hole near Great World City mall.
  6. Sque Rotisserie & Alehouse
    Sque is derived from the word "skewers". This gastrobar located at The Central serves a variety of rotisserie dishes including roasted potatoes, goujonette, pork schnitzel and pork belly. 

    One of SQUE’s highlights is the extensive choice of bottled beers, hailing from all over the world. As of current, we have more than 200 different international beers and still counting, from lagers to ales, and to Lambic/ fruit beers. Diners will be spoilt for choice! In addition, we have one of the largest selections of draft beers in Singapore, making it a great hideout for beer connoisseurs.